Shakespeare Plus  v.1.0

Shakespeare Plus combines two award winning programs into one low priced high value package.

The Shakespeare Collection  v.1.0

The Shakespeare Collection provides a personal library of beautiful and inspiring note cards that are formatted and ready to print as needed.


Shakespeare and the Bible  v.1.0

Shakespeare and the Bible provides a personal library of beautiful note cards and greeting cards that feature inspirational quotes from Shakespeare and the Bible accompanied by wonderful pictures of birds in their natural settings.

The Chronicles of Shakespeare  v.1.0

Help Romeo and Juliet find a way into each otherOCOs arms and experience the greatest love story of all time in The Chronicles of Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet!

The Complete Shakespeare Reader  v.1.0

The Complete Shakespeare Reader gives you direct access to the full text of all 38 Shakespeare's plays in a compact and free e-book reader, an easy-to-use reading tool that comes with some useful extra functionality.

Poems By Shakespeare  v.

This app features poems by William Shakespeare. Download this app to your phone for free now! No data connection necessary. After downloading from the Marketplace, the poems are stored locally on your phone! The following poems are by William

Shakespeare Quotes  v.

Over 700 of most inspiring and motivation quotes by Shakespeare grouped into categories. Features: · Simple User Interface · Browse All Quotes at once · Browse by Categories · Categories sorted by Name ·

Shakespeare's Sonnets  v.

Shakepeare's Sonnets features a collection of 154 sonnets, including themes such as the passage of time, love, beauty, and mortality. Enjoy the romantic nature of Shakespeare's Sonnets, addressed at the Fair Youth and the Dark Lady.

Daily Shakespeare Quotes  v.

Enjoy William Shakespeare quotes daily! Each day a 'quote of a day' is randomly selected. You may also browse the quotes by date, view a random quote, search by keyword,

An Introduction to Shakespeare  v.

All you need to know to understand the great works by Shakespeare. Includes lots of background information, including a section on the myths and delusions of Shakespeare as well as sections on the comedies and tragedies. This is a full-length,

Shakespeare In Bits Macbeth  v.1.0.10

Read, watch and listen as Shakespeare In Bits brings to life the tragic tale of the murderous Macbeth in one complete multi-media experience on Mac.

Shakespeare In Bits: Hamlet  v.1.1.1m

Immerse yourself in one of Shakespeare’s most powerful and influential tragedies as Shakespeare In Bits brings you on a journey of deception, revenge, treachery, indecision and moral decay through the fabled and tragic character of Hamlet.

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